Selected Publications


The Adroit Journal

            “What I Hate Most About Mom”

            “Salvation Sonnet”


            Elegy for the Four Chambers

of My Mother’s Heart”

Cosmonauts Avenue (Forthcoming)

            “At the Arcade I Paint Your Footprints”


            “Every Poem I Write is a Cauldron”

            “Waiter Park”

Kenyon Review Online (Forthcoming)

            “Elegy for Brian, My Brother

Who Has Been Missing for Ten Years”

Split Lip Magazine (Forthcoming)

            “A River Is a Body Running”


            “An American Birthday”

Waxwing (Forthcoming)

"Elegy for the Four Chambers of My Heart"

Best New Poets (2020)

            “Salvation Sonnet”

(Nominated by The Adroit Journal)

Colorado Review (Forthcoming)

“My Brother Stole Every Spoon in the House”

“Light Shines Through the Gristle”


Copper Nickel (Forthcoming)

            “Every Word Is My Mother’s”


Gulf Coast (Issue 33.2)

            “When the Body Says No

but You Can’t Stop Swallowing”

New Ohio Review (Issue 25)



            “Train Prayer”

The Pinch (Issue 41.1)

            “everywhere brother”

            “super soakers”